The Ramsar Hotel – where it all began

1 December, 2009

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The town of Ramsar (called Sakhtsar in ancient times) sits at the western end of Iran’s Mazandaran province, along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. In this town, in 1971, a meeting was held. Several important minds toiled for some time, and what emerged was the Ramsar Convention, a multi-lateral global environmental treaty on wetlands and their wise use. All may still not be well with the world’s wetlands, but that is not my story. This story is about the hotel where they met in 1971, the Ramsar Hotel.

old tree-lined avenue from hotel to caspian



12 November, 2009

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A world-wide organization dedicated to self-development in the areas of leadership and communication skills. The environmental cause is served best through good communication skills, and this link is recognized by aonyx Consultancy. Both Rebecca & Anthony are toastmasters.

Check out their club at

A Family Treasure Returned

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In 1967, Mr. Jacob Sebastian bought the last Volkswagen imported into British Borneo from Germany. In 2007, this 40-yr old Beetle returned to Sarawak’s roads a changed beast. (more…)

Sarawak, former land of the Hornbills

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The east Malaysian state of Sarawak is an enigmatic place. With 67 tribes and almost as many languages, this is indeed the gateway into Borneo, the world’s 3rd largest island. We call it home, and we love it. Its nature however, has been battered more than most, led by insatiable greed and a total disregard for the natural and historical treasures that define this land. Remnants are all we have left, but even these are sufficiently unique to attract people of all interests. The legacy of the White Rajahs, the Japanese occupation and well before all this, Wallace’s contemplations on the origins of species, Hose’s explorations… and before that, early man in caves, giant pangolins and a far-lying part of Sundaland.

The links below (links to our very own Wiki library) tell Sarawak’s story of natural history, and highlight two fascinating families that still persist, despite all odds…

  • Kuching
  • Sarawak’s Natural History
  • The Skylords
  • The Sarawak Dolphins
  • Wallace

More on Wiki Library

and a Dog chose to be with man….

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It is perhaps mankind’s greatest gift from the natural world: a fellow species which decided to live with man. Yes, man did not go out and domesticate the dog, the dog chose to live with man. Thousands of years later, they remain our closest animal friends, they show us total and unquestioning trust and love, and enriches every single being that chooses to share its life with a dog. (more…)

The Chronicles of Efjay

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In 2006, 7-yr old Justin Koeiman, of Denver, Colorado, embarked on a school project to send an effigy of himself out into the big world, to learn and experience new things, and to bring these experiences back to his class, and share them with his teachers and friends.



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