A Precious Life Remembered

9 April, 2011

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A Big Little Boy

On our shelf, we have three antique porcelain jars. One is much larger than the other two, pale creamy white with a blue dragon emblazoned across it. This is Husky, and today, 9th April, I took this jar down, wiped it and looked at the bleached white bones within. I touched them, and put them back. My mind travels back, reliving a tale…

Forced to leave the country in a hurry, a dog was left behind. The neighbours were at first puzzled at this dog wandering the compound, alone. Several days later, it dawned upon them that their neighbours have left and were not returning, and their dog was abandoned. By this time, this dog was in a sorry state, taken to lying in the drain, drinking from it, and starving.

A neighbour took it in, and gave it food and water. They decided to keep it as their own. Six months later, their life was no longer what it used to be. The dog had become a handful, and ended up chained up for the safety of the children. They finally decided to give it up, and this dog came to us.

Husky was a 55kg male German Shephard Dog. He was not small, and he was not at peace. In this traumatized state, he came to live with Wolf, a strong-willed female shepherd that didn’t take to other dogs kindly. Husky’s life was as close to a frantic existence as it could possibly get. But things were to get better… much better.

Six months on, he had made a friend, a friend who taught him, guided him and even took care of him. Wolf and Husky got along like they had grown up together. he gradually calmed down, and his own character slowly came to the fore. He became the gentle giant. His weight had come down to a healthy 45kg, and he kept fit with his daily runs around the park.

Throughout his life, he was to carry a fear of loud sounds. Firecrackers would send him into a frenzy, and we still have blood-stained walls in the kennel where he had his battles with his inner demons. Even thunder sent shivers down his spine. During the Chinese Lunar celebrations, where fireworks frightened every living thing for two weeks straight, Husky spent much of it driving around Kuching in his van, with the music blaring.

On 9th April 2007, the day came when we had to make the decision to relieve him of his pains. Several months suffering from advancing lymphoma, he could no longer carry his weight without excruciating pain, and his time had come. He had a good meal, had some pictures taken with his daddy and mummy, had a walk in the garden, and then the vet came. In 10mins, it was over, and Husky suffered no more.

He left behind a deep sadness, a wrenching twisting deep inside our insides, a large void. He brought vigour and life to our existence in several ways. His presence had filled our daily lives, and the large portion of our bed he took up each night was difficult to deal with. However, the sense of giving a life back to one of nature’s creatures cannot be replaced. What we got back was pure joy and satisfaction, but knowing the precious things in life, in the form of another living soul, has no compare.

Husky, we remember you today, and many days in between. We thank you for being Husky. We love you for just you, and we will never forget you… ever.



  1. cheers, husky.
    “no barking,” tony and becky. 🙂

    Comment by anne — 09/04/2011 @ 12:13 pm

  2. rest well, husky and enjoy the best bones&bacon in doggie heaven.

    Comment by sue — 09/04/2011 @ 2:30 pm

  3. Husky…
    I believe I had the privilege to meet U at Tony & Becky’s home…..
    U were a real BIG friendly, baby GIANT.
    U kept on chewing that GIANT bone !!! I was amazed with your persistence.
    Well see U (in heaven) one day……
    ps.. Tony & Becky , U both gave Husky a fantastic, carefree home. Husky had a GREAT life with U two. Cheers

    Comment by Elenawati Yeap @ kim — 09/04/2011 @ 10:54 pm

  4. heh… in our house, barking is allowed.. whenever, at whatever, whomever and for whatever reason. Husky will bark when and at whom/what he pleases!

    Comment by admin — 10/04/2011 @ 10:16 am

  5. Rest well, Husky. And check out all the parks in heaven so you can take your Mommny and Daddy there one day.

    Comment by Balan — 11/04/2011 @ 9:31 am

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