1 December, 2009

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A big village and a small city, wrapped into a delicious package of history and natural beauty, with an appealingly un-hurried disposition… not surprising Tony & Rebecca have chosen to call this quaint backwater home for the past 13 years.


A stroll through the historic old town along the riverbank will take you back 200 years when this was a small trading post.


With 286 days of rain each year, Kuching is one of Malaysia’s wettest places. Seen here is a typical afternoon thunderstorm approaching the town centre.


In this old cemetary rest some important people from the past…

One day, undoubtedly, Kuching will wake up to the 21st century, and reach out to take its place among the big boys, but by that time, Tony & Rebecca would have snuck out the back door in search of another quaint, quiet enclave to call home…

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