Sarawak, former land of the Hornbills

12 November, 2009

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The east Malaysian state of Sarawak is an enigmatic place. With 67 tribes and almost as many languages, this is indeed the gateway into Borneo, the world’s 3rd largest island. We call it home, and we love it. Its nature however, has been battered more than most, led by insatiable greed and a total disregard for the natural and historical treasures that define this land. Remnants are all we have left, but even these are sufficiently unique to attract people of all interests. The legacy of the White Rajahs, the Japanese occupation and well before all this, Wallace’s contemplations on the origins of species, Hose’s explorations… and before that, early man in caves, giant pangolins and a far-lying part of Sundaland.

The links below (links to our very own Wiki library) tell Sarawak’s story of natural history, and highlight two fascinating families that still persist, despite all odds…

  • Kuching
  • Sarawak’s Natural History
  • The Skylords
  • The Sarawak Dolphins
  • Wallace

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